scaleMiddle East Legal Services (MELS) are provided by a group of Middle Eastern and international lawyers, and law firms, working within a cooperation framework. The lawyers are independent, but cooperate and work closely, combining experience and information in the fields of Middle East laws, including Iraqi law, Jordanian law, Syrian law, Egyptian law, and UAE law, as well as German and English laws.

In order to satisfy the needs of the European and American companies and business community engaged in multinational projects in the Middle East Arab countries, this group of Middle East and international lawyers has brought together the long standing experience of lawyers who are capable of providing a diversity of legal services in the field of Middle East commercial laws, including company laws, energy laws, and telecommunication laws, as well as commercial litigation, arbitration, international contracting and tendering.

The contact office is based in Hannover, Germany, and managed by Saleh Majid, Middle East Legal Consultant, and may be contacted at the address shown at the end of this page.

Saleh Majid has served as a counsel and expert witness representing private creditors of Iraq and large multinational clients in litigation and arbitration, both inside and outside of Iraq. He has also written on topics such as "Time Bar for Claims under Iraqi Law", and "Arbitration in Iraq". The revised texts of both articles are available on this website.

The information and publications provided hereby are not intended to be as a legal advice, but as general information relevant at the first dates of their publication.

No part of this publication and its attachments may be reproduced or stored or copied without prior permission of the author, Saleh Majid. All rights of the author are reserved.

Saleh Majid - Middle East Legal Consultant

Advocate (Iraq), Rechtsbeistand (Germany) for Business Laws of Arab Countries,
B.A.Law (Baghdad), Dip. Air Law, Postgrad. Dip.Law (London), M.C.I. Arb.

Peperfeld 55, D-30457 Hannover, Germany

Tel.: (+49) 511-26 22 22 6
Fax: (+49) 511-26 22 22 7
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